this is a private place for me to compile inspiration for my new home without cluttering my main page/electronic file of my mind. i flit back and forth between yearning for a small house or a small winne; this place is for both.
i am the lady of the house, and i like painted walls, delicate bedrooms, liveable kitchens and wrap-around porches that open up to yard with dogs and gardens. i'm in love with a boy who one day i may marry and live in this house with.
this could be our life.

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This is perfect, and exactly what I hope to have in the next 6-12 months, with a hi-top camper shell for extra head space.

I’ve already looked at three trucks for this purpose, but just haven’t found the perfect one yet.

Im doing this as soon as I get out of the army

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nothing was ever more perfect.

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On Top of a Mountain | Etsy Weddings


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Leaf Tiny House “Version 2” via
Tiny Housing Canada

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32. A tiny house on the Olympic Peninsula nestled within 5 acres of state-protected forest. It was moved up onto a mountain near Lake Cushman by the owner, the builder, and a local man with a dozer.

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